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Aviation Services

Our aviation services include

  • Group handling for all scheduled and non-scheduled airlines and private / corporate aircrafts.

  • Liaison with government agencies to obtain flight clearance and over-fly permit;-Obtaining and providing information on flight plans, MET

    reports and NOTAMS

  • Attending to all crew requirements and arranging accommodation and transportation, and any other crew essentials

  • Acts a General Sales Agency (GSA), Passenger Sales Agency (PSA) and Cargo Sales Agency (CSA) for international airlines flying to the Maldives

  • Passenger handling for all airlines including making the necessary changes in transfers and accommodation for passengers on behalf of the airline in the event of delayed flight arrivals or departures

  • Chartering of long haul passenger aircrafts from recognized European airlines for the transport of tourist to and from Maldives

AirlinE Management 



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