Family Collection

Many of the resorts in the Maldives are especially designed to cater for family holidays. Equipped with child-care centres, children’s game centres, children’s pools and many other activities that children can enjoy, these resorts lets you make the Maldivian experience a family one

VIP & Luxury Collection

Spa resorts in the Maldives are among the finest luxury spa services in the world. Each spa resort combines the highest standards of luxury and service with world-class spa treatments for health and pampering. A spa resort in the Maldives will let you indulge yourself, relax and rejuvenate with blends that retain the best of traditional elements while enriched with modern advancements.
These are luxury beach Resorts that offer only the highest level of accommodations and services. The properties offer a high degree of personal service. Although most luxury hotels are large properties, sometimes the small independent (non-chain) property offers an elegant intimacy that can not be achieved in the larger setting.

Honeymoon Collection

Only a honeymoon in the Maldives will give you that opportunity to make the best of every second of this valuable and romantic time with each other in total privacy. Private bungalows with your very own piece of white, sandy beach and clear, azure lagoons on secluded island resorts renowned for their tranquility and excellent but discreet service – is that not the perfect recipe for the most romantic Maldives honeymoon?

Private Luxury Collection

In today’s fast pace of life, some people find it necessary to get away from the hustle and bustle and hectic pace of day to day life, and Private luxury Resorts allow you just that…. Exclusive and Private Holiday